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Tiger Etched Himself Into Immortality

Tiger Woods
By Isaac E

Tiger Woods etched himself into immortality with his victory in the 2019 Masters. The success has reignited comparisons between him and Jack Nicklaus, and I believe unfairly. Woods just a mere two years ago did not even compete in the event due to recovering from back surgery. The question at that time was whether Woods would ever play golf again let alone at a high level. The facts are that Woods currently holds 81 tournament wins all-time compared to Nicklaus’s 73. Woods past Nicklaus for all-time wins almost seven years ago and only trails Sam Snead by one.

The public and media like to define the greatest golfer ever by holding an established record. Woods having the most PGA tour wins would place him in the argument, and this is where things become tricky as to whether Woods ties Nicklaus for major wins or surpasses him all this will result in a subject of conjecture. There is a list of valid arguments on both sides on who is the greatest golfer ever. The biggest issue with this label is how unfair the moniker is to not only the player but his contemporary.

When you look at just one valid argument for both sides you can say Nicklaus did not have the same technological advances in training and equipment that we have seen in the current era. The case for Woods is that the sheer level of competition in particular from the increase in international players is something Nicklaus did not need to deal with until later in his career.

Woods may not be the greatest golfer ever, but he very well may be and whether he wins another major or tournament again some will say he is while others will say he is not. The conversation already existed whether he won the 2019 Masters or not, but the victory showed he could be a dominant player in two different eras something only the most exceptional athletes have proven capable.

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