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The Patriots Calculated Antonio Brown Risk

New England Patriots
By Isaac E

The ink didn’t get completely dry on Antonio Brown’s one year contract with the Patriots with $20 million option for a second year. On Tuesday, more trouble and controversy engulfed the receiver after his former trainer, Britney Taylor, accused Brown of sexually assaulting her on three separate occasions in 2017 and 2018.

The NFL plans to investigate the latest incident surrounding the talented but controversial player. Brown’s one year deal with the Patriots is for $15 million with a $9 million signing bonus.

Brown By The Numbers

Brown in the last six seasons averaged seven catches, 99 yards, on 11 targets per game. The transition between Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady may have timing hiccups early. The Patriots future Hall of Famer Brady however always is capable of building a quick rapport with his new weapon leading to a seamless transition.

Patriots Depth Now A Strength

The Patriots have many targets at the wideout position include Josh Gordon, Phillip Dorsett, and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. Dorsett who may end up being the odd man out. Dorsett scored twice on Sunday against Brown’s old team. The Patriots receiving core a position of worry four weeks ago is now a strength. The team also received aid from the lifting of Gordon’s suspension

Brady also loves utilizing James White and Rex Burkhead out of the backfield. The Patriots catch defenses in mismatches when they are forced to trust a slower linebacker in coverage against the shifty running backs.

The Patriots depth will likely mean Brown’s production and targets are expected lower than his Steelers output. You can expect Brown once he is up to speed to receive 6-8 opportunities per game. Brown is still an elite wide receiver, and you can expect him to make the most of his chances.

The Patriots do not play a playoff team from last year in their first eight games. Unless the young upstart quarterbacks and rosters in Buffalo, Cleveland, and New York can surprise New England is set up to start the season 8-0. Brown has proven in the past that winning means fewer disruptions. Brown as a model citizen means the expectation is he will fit into the Patriot way. The situation with the accusation of Taylor may eventually end up finally derailing the chaos Brown has delivered this season.

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