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NFL Should Feel Embarrassed Over Miami Situation

Miami Dolphins
By Isaac E

The numbers are as ugly as the play on the field in the first two Miami Dolphins games. The Dolphins have been outscored 102-10 in their first two weeks. The team lost to the Baltimore Ravens the defending AFC North champion and the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

The schedule does not get any easier as the Dolphins face the NFC East defending champion Dallas Cowboys on the road in Week 3. The following week they host a Los Angeles Chargers team that went 12-4 last season.

The 92 point differential in their first two games is even more damaging since these were home games. The 2019 Dolphins join 1973 New Orleans Saints as the only two teams in NFL history to allow 102 points in the first games.

Dolphins Mindset

The Dolphins some would argue purposely gutted their roster with the hopes of finishing last in the league. Star quarterback Justin Herbert out of Oregon will be available in this year’s draft. Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa does not have to enter the NFL Draft, but the expectation is that he will.

General manager Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores have stripped the talent from the roster as part of a rebuild. Some would argue this tactic is part of a tank. However, it is hard to imagine that either of them was expecting the Dolphins to be this noncompetitive.

The league may begin to receive criticism as this tactic may begin an outcry for a draft lottery. The Dolphins also hurt the competitive balance of the league as the Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets records are likely to receive aid by playing the Dolphins twice. Although these teams still have to go out and play the games.

Dolphins Place in Embarrassing History

The Dolphins have given up ten sacks and seven turnovers in two weeks. A pace that would mean the team would have allowed 80 sacks and given the ball away 56 times. The Dolphins can be happy to know that 80 sacks are nowhere close to the record of 104 sacks allowed by the 1986 Philadelphia Eagles. The 1984 Seattle Seahawks, 63 turnovers in 1984 hold that record and the way things are going I think this is within reach.

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