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2019 Sweet 16 Tourney Picks

Gameday Cube
By Isaac E

We have reached the Chalk 16; I mean Sweet 16 as for the first time in my recent memory we don’t have any Cinderella to root for this weekend. I have chosen the games and lines that I like for all eight games with my four best bets.

The following match-ups in Round of 16:

Thursday Games

Picks are in BOLD

Gonzaga 148.5
Florida State (+7.5)

Tennessee (-1.5)
Purdue 147.5

Virginia U 119.5
Oregon (+8.5) BEST BET

Michigan 125
Texas Tech (+2)

Money Lines

(-300) Gonzaga vs. Florida State (+250)
(-115) Tennessee vs. Purdue (-105)
(-440) Virginia vs. Oregon (+340)
(-140) Michigan vs. Texas Tech (+120) BEST BET

Friday Games

Picks are in BOLD

Michigan State 148
LSU (+6) BEST BET´╗┐

North Carolina 165
Auburn (+5.5)

Duke (-7) BEST BET
Virginia Tech U 144.5

Kentucky 134.5
Houston (+3)

Money Lines

(-260) Michigan State vs. LSU (+220)
(-250) North Carolina vs. Auburn (+210)
(-375) Duke vs. Virginia Tech (+313)
(-145) Kentucky vs. Houston (+125)

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