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  • March 27, 2019
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2019 MLB Regular Season Odds

Gameday Cube
By Isaac E

The odds for the upcoming MLB 2019 season are included below with odds for the 2019 American League Pennant, 2019 National League Pennant, regular season win totals, and 2019 AL and NL division odds.

2019 American League Pennant Odds

New York Yankees+275
Boston Red Sox+300
Houston Astros+350
Cleveland Indians+600
Oakland Athletics+1400
Tampa Bay Rays+1400
Los Angeles Angels+2000
Minnesota Twins+2500
Chicago White Sox+3300
Seattle Mariners+3300
Toronto Blue Jays+5000
Detroit Tigers+10000
Kansas City Royals+10000
Texas Rangers+10000
Baltimore Orioles+25000

2019 National League Pennant Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers+450
Philadelphia Phillies+450
St. Louis Cardinals+700
Chicago Cubs+800
Washington Nationals+800
Milwaukee Brewers+900
Atlanta Braves+1000
Colorado Rockies+1200
New York Mets+1200
Arizona Diamondbacks+2500
San Diego Padres+2500
Cincinnati Reds+3300
San Francisco Giants+3300
Pittsburgh Pirates+4000
Miami Marlins+25000

2019 MLB Regular-Season Win Totals

Team2018 Wins2019 Win TotalOVERUNDER
Arizona Diamondbacks8275.5-115-115
Atlanta Braves9086.5+100-130
Baltimore Orioles4759.5+105-135
Boston Red Sox10894.5-115-115
Chicago Cubs9588.5+120-150
Chicago White Sox6274.5+115-145
Cincinnati Reds6779-110-120
Cleveland Indians9190.5-135+105
Colorado Rockies9184.5-125-105
Detroit Tigers6468.5-110-120
Houston Astros10396.5-120-110
Kansas City Royals5869.5-115-115
Los Angeles Angels8082.5-130+100
Los Angeles Dodgers9293.5-120-110
Miami Marlins6363.5+110-140
Milwaukee Brewers9686.5-135+105
Minnesota Twins7884.5-125-105
New York Mets7785.5-115-115
New York Yankees10096.5-135+105
Oakland A’s9783.5-120-110
Philadelphia Phillies8089.5-130+100
Pittsburgh Pirates8277.5-120-110
San Diego Padres6678.5-105-125
San Francisco Giants7373.5-120-110
Seattle Mariners8971.5-135+105
St. Louis Cardinals8888.5-115-115
Tampa Bay Rays9084.5-125-105
Texas Rangers6771-105-125
Toronto Blue Jays7374.5+105-135
Washington Nationals8288.5-130+100

2019 American League East Odds

Baltimore Orioles+5000
Boston Red Sox+150
New York Yankees-125
Tampa Bay Rays+900
Toronto Blue Jays+2500

2019 American League Central Odds

Chicago White Sox+1600
Cleveland Indians-400
Detroit Tigers+5000
Kansas City Royals+3300
Minnesota Twins+400

2019 American League West Odds

Houston Astros-600
Los Angeles Angels+800
Oakland Athletics+1000
Seattle Marlins+3300
Texas Rangers+5000

2019 National League East Odds

Atlanta Braves+275
Miami Marlins+10000
New York Mets+375
Philadelphia Phillies+210
Washington Nationals+175

2019 National League Central Odds

Chicago Cubs+200
Cincinnati Reds+800
Milwaukee Brewers+240
Pittsburgh Pirates+1400
St. Louis Cardinals+200

2019 National League West Odds

Arizona Diamondbacks+2000
Colorado Rockies+450
Los Angeles Dodgers-355
San Diego Padres+1200
San Francisco Giants+2800
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