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  • March 29, 2019
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2019 MLB Futures Predictions

Gameday Cube
By Isaac E

I took a look at the odds and future for the upcoming MLB season and below I will share my prediction for the season and futures. Before I begin take a look at the 2019 MLB Regular Season Odds.

My division champion best bets are:
New York Yankees -125
Minnesota Twins +400
Houston Astros -600
Philadelphia Phillies +210 BEST BET
Milwaukee Brewers +240 BEST BET
Colorado Rockies +450 BEST BET

Regular season win totals predictions:
Atlanta Braves U 86.5 BEST BET
Cincinnati Reds U 79
Colorado Rockies O 84.5 BEST BET
New York Mets U 85.5
New York Yankees O 96.5 BEST BET
San Diego Padres O 78.5

League pennant winner prediction:
American League: New York Yankees +275
National League: Milwaukee Brewers +900

World Series winner prediction:
Milwaukee Brewers 20/1 BEST BET

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